Water Treatment State Certified Lab

We collect 18-20 water sam­ples from the distribution sys­tem each month, in order to insure that our water  is high quality and bacteria free.  With three different routes, alternat­ed on a monthly basis that co­vers the entire distribution sys­tem.  Quality Control is completed two times per year.
Every hour the water is tested  for chlorine residual  and tur­bidity.  Each shift tests are run on fluoride, alkalinity, pH, tem­perature and turbidity on  raw, settled, processed, and fin­ished water. Quality Control is completed for fluoride on a monthly basis.
Iron, manganese and hard­ness tests are run daily.
Monthly tests include alumi­num, and suspended solids. 
We collect samples for the state to test total organic car­bon monthly and collect quarterly for nitrates and nitrate, TTHM, and HAA5.
Each year we collect samples for the state to test for organic, inorganic and unregu­lated contaminants.

 Lead and copper samples are collected every three

Additional Info

Water Treatment Plant
Janice Galloway, Superintendent
1082 Filter Plant Road
Summerville, GA  30747

Office Hours:
M-F 8:00-4:00

Emergencies/After Hours
 Phone: 706-859-0908

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