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Pre-treatment Requirements

Summerville WPCP is proud to serve industrial users within our vibrant business community, and we’re committed to the meticulous management of our wastewater system in order to serve the needs of Summerville’s current and future industrial community.  To ensure the integrity of our system, we require pretreatment of industrial wastewater exceeding specific standards, to be performed on the wastewater before it enters our collection system. Industrial users must complete the Industrial Users’ Survey and Wastewater Discharge Permit Application and receive approval via a permit in order to ensure that all wastewater entering Summerville’s WPCP system has been properly pretreated. 

Reuse Water

Summerville’s wastewater treatment plant uses innovative design and ultraviolet radiation technology as well as chlorine disinfection to treat wastewater to a level very close to that of drinking water. Water from this facility is made available as a source of cost competitive reuse water for local industries located near the plant.

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