Water Pollution Control Facilities

The cities wastewater comes to our 2 million gallon per day activated sludge facility where it is treated to an acceptable level before discharging to the Chattooga River. This is a biological process that reduces the organic and solids content of the water to meet a Georgia Environmental Protection Division discharge permit. The plant consists of a Bar Screen, 2 Rotary Drum Screens, 2 Aeration Basins (total 2.4 million gallon capacity), 2 Secondary .5mg Clarifiers, Digester, Septage  Receiving Area, Ultra Violet disinfection with chlorination and dechlorination as a back up. Chlorination is accomplished with gaseous chlorine and dechlorination is done with sulfur dioxide.

A Staff of 5 state certified operators fine-tune this biological process to produce environmentally acceptable finished water. The biosolids generated in this plant are digested through a 660,000 gallon Digester and then ran through one of two belt filter presses to be dewatered before it is applied to farmland for ultimate disposal. This is a state approved land application program that has been ongoing for over 20 years. Our program has received state and national recognition and many farmers have benefited from it.

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Water Pollution Control
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