Water Pollution Control Employees

There are seven full time employees that includes one superintendent, one lead operator, five licensed operators that operate and maintain the plant. The plant has three Class 1 Operators at the time and one operator that's a Class II,  and three Class III operators. All personnel gain their experience on the job and attend classes at state approved sites. Testing is taken at state approved sites for licensing. They must continue to attend classes annually to maintain the license. Operators are expected to be able to work in all weather conditions and to have mechanical and industrial electrical skills.

Wastewater Staff;

Chris Tuggle -           Superintendent    Class I Certification

Randall Craig -         Lead Operator      Class I Certification

Greg Harrison -        Operator                Class I Certification

Chuck Campanelli - Operator                Class II Certification

Carl Maynard -         Operator                Class III Certification

Darin McGuire -       Operator                Class III Certification

Blake Campbell -      Maintenance        Class III Certification


Additional Info

Water Pollution Control
Chris Tuggle, Superintendent
470 Red Oak Road
Summerville, GA  30747

Office Hours:
M-F 8:00-4:00

Emergencies/After Hours
 Phone: 706-859-0918
 Phone: 706-578-2270

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