Sign up for commercial utility service

For City of Summerville Commercial utility service you will need:

At least one of the following documents:

  1. A signed lease agreement or rental receipt listing your company name and the business owner/manager’s name and the property owner’s contact information - or
  2. Proof of property ownership in your name - or
  3. Power of Attorney for property owner

You will also need

  1. your photo ID
  2. your Social Security card/number
  3.  and the completed City of Summerville utility service application.
  4. A completed Business License application with the associated SAVE affidavit
  5. Private Employer Affidavit must be completed and turned in with your utility service application.

Commercial utility security deposits are based on the type of business. For a quote on the required deposit for your business please contact Summerville City Hall and speak with City Clerk Jill Durham or Billing Supervisor Vickie Dawson. Utility security deposit(s) established for a commercial account will be applied to the utility account after 12 months of on time payments with no penalties applied to the account.

Additional Info

City Hall
Tony Carroll, City Manager
120 Georgia Avenue
Summerville, GA  30747

 Phone: 706-859-0900
 Fax: 706-859-0845

Office Hours:
M-F 9:00-5:00

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