Hyper-Reach Community Alerts

The City of Summerville has partnered with Hyper-Reach to provide community emergency alerts to City of Summerville utility customers. Customers may register by service address to receive alerts via a telephone call, text message, or email message.

Chattooga County Hyper Reach notification system is a joint initiative of Chattooga County EMA/911, the City of Summerville, Chattooga County Water District, and the Town of Trion. You will receive alerts for all of these organizations that apply to the service address(es) you sign up with.

If you have gas service with the City of Summerville/Summerville Gas in Floyd County, please go to: https://summervillega.org//hyper-reach-floyd/ to sign up for Alerts.

How to sign up?


Text Message: Text “Alert” to 706-230-5114, and complete prompts


Phone Call: Call 706-230-5114, and follow the prompts.
Note: weather alerts are not available, be sure to select community alerts.


Online: http://hyper-reach.com/gachattoogasignup.html


  • In all of the sign up options you will be asked to provide your name, an emergency alert contact number, service address you want to receive alerts for, and whether you want a text or voice alert.
  • You can sign up for multiple addresses, including your home and place of work.
  • Caller ID may be listed as blank or unknown when receiving an alert, but the number will be consistent, and once you receive an alert you can save that number as your Community Alert number.

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