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Growth and Future of Chattooga County 2021-2025 Survey

We want your opinion!  Please complete the “Growth and Future of Chattooga County 2021-2025 Survey”.  The City of Summerville and local municipalities are working to complete the 2021-2025 joint Comprehensive Plan for Chattooga County. Your anonymous opinion will assist with providing pertinent information for future planning.

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How long will the survey take?  The survey will only take about 5 minutes and is completely anonymous, consisting of only 12 questions.

Who can take the survey? The survey is available for anyone who lives and/or works within Chattooga County, please pass this information on to others who live and/or work within Chattooga County.

Do you know someone who would be interested in the survey but does not have internet access? Paper copies of the survey are available at Summerville City Hall, 120 Georgia Avenue, Summerville, GA 30747. Simply stop by during office hours of 8AM-5PM and ask one of the customer service representatives for a copy of the survey.  The survey is returned to the CSR when it has been completed.

Joint Comprehensive Plan Information

2016-2020 Joint Comprehensive Plan

The current joint comprehensive plan can be found at the below link.

Current NWGRC Community Snapshot

The most recent Community Snapshot prepared by NWGRC can be found at the below link.


What is the Joint Comprehensive Plan?

The process of developing, adopting, maintaining and implementing a comprehensive plan is required to retain QLG status which allows the city to qualify for selected state grants, loans, and permits.

A Joint Comprehensive Plan for Chattooga County and the Cities of Lyerly, Menlo, Summerville, and Trion, 2016-2020 was prepared in accordance with the Rules of Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Chapter 110-12-1, Minimum Standards and Procedures for Comprehensive Planning (effective March 1, 2014). This joint comprehensive plan update consists of the three core elements (Needs and Opportunities, Report of Accomplishments, and Community Work Program) and an additional Land Use Element as required by Section 110-12-1-.02(1) of the Minimum Standards and Procedures. The DCA’s Minimum Standards and Procedures for Local Comprehensive Planning emphasizes preparation of plans that help local governments address their immediate needs and opportunities while moving toward realization of their long-term goals.

Public participation and input from local citizens is an important component of the planning process. The community benefits from the thoughts and ideas generated by residents, making future plan implementation much easier. Because attendance at public meetings is often variable, the planners like to work with an appointed stakeholder committee that is dedicated to assisting with the plan preparation. Multiple meetings, always open to the public, will be planned for the 2021-2025 joint comprehensive plan update.

Georgia Planning Act of 1989

The Georgia Planning Act of 1989 is the foundation for all community and regional planning in the state of Georgia. The goal is to promote the development, sustainment and coordination of comprehensive planning by all levels of government.

The full Georgia Planning Act can be viewed at the below link.

Who is the NWGRC?

The Northwest Georgia Regional Commission is a multi-county organization consisting of 15 Northwest Georgia counties and 49 municipalities. Major responsibilities of the Regional Commission include: (1) implementation of the Georgia Planning Act of 1989; (2) administration of the Area Agency on Aging; (3) administration of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; and (4) providing planning and development assistance to member governments.

Who are the other organizations participating in the joint Comprehensive Plan?

The Chattooga County Joint Comprehensive Plan is a combined effort of Chattooga County, the City of Menlo, the Town of Lyerly, the City of Summerville, and the Town of Trion. Also all members of the public who work or live in Chattooga County are encouraged to provide feedback and input via the Chattooga County 2021-2025 Survey.

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