Storms from Hurricane Irma

The projected path of Hurricane Irma has the remnants of the storm coming into our area. Heavy rainstorms and winds can be expected during this time. During heavy thunderstorms power outages and localized flooding can occur.

The Summerville Police Department recommends that drivers only travel on the roadways when it is necessary and safe to do so. If it is necessary to drive during these inclimate times, the City wants to drivers to exercise caution and keep the following information in mind.

Power Outages

Power outages often affect the traffic lights at intersections throughout the City causing them to be inoperative or revert to a flashing yellow or red mode. When a driver comes upon a traffic signal that is not operating properly that the following rules apply:

At an intersection with an inoperative traffic light, drivers are required to stop in the same manner as if a stop sign were facing in each direction at the intersection. (In other words, treat the intersection as having a four-way stop.)

At an intersection where a traffic signal is flashing red, drivers are required to stop as if at a stop sign.

At an intersection where a traffic signal is flashing yellow, drivers may proceed through the intersection with caution.
Additionally, when power outages occur, street lights may be inoperative. Watch out for pedestrians or roadway obstructions along these darkened roadways.

Localized Flooding

The following are tips for dealing with high water on the roadways:

A driver, especially at night, has no idea how deep the water is or whether the road underneath is still intact. Pay attention to “Road Closed” signs.

Remember that it takes only two feet of rushing water to carry away most vehicles. This includes pickups and SUVs.

Avoid areas that are likely to flood, including dips, low spots and floodplains; always heed flood warnings, instructions from emergency officials and public safety officials directing traffic

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