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Water Treatment: FAQs

Where does my water come from?

Your water is withdrawn from Raccoon Creek and treated at the Summerville Water Treatment Facility, tributaries within this area feed into Raccoon Creek. Water from the Lowe Spring Plant is pumped directly from the Spring, filtered and after the addition of chlorine and fluoride the water is pumped into the distribution system.  The Spring consistently produces high quality drinking water.

The Northwest Georgia Water Supply Water Shed Based Regional Source Water Assessment describes the watershed and water supply system.  This study identifies potential sources of pollution in the watershed.  The watershed is forest and pasture land with wildlife and livestock populations and some residential areas with septic tanks.  DNR has a fish hatchery on a spring fed tributary of Raccoon Creek north of the intake.  Raccoon Creek is a tributary of the Chattooga River.  This rural water shed is small and includes about a 25 Square mile area. Included as potential sources of pollution for Raccoon Creek: 8 Bridges, 1 dairy operation, 1 fuel facility, 1 NPDS permit holder and 1 RCRA.

How is my water treated?
How would I know about a problem with the water supply?
How do I schedule a tour of a Water Treatment facility?

Water Treatment Plant
Janice Galloway, Superintendent
1083 Filter Plant Road
Summerville, GA  30747

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 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Emergencies/After Hours

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