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Police Department: Employees

Police BadgePresently the Summerville Police Department employs 19 employees.  The police department is responsible for the prevention of crime, the protection of persons and property, the enforcement of state and local laws, ordinances of the city and apprehension of offenders.  In order to achieve these, the department is made up of three key divisions, uniform patrol, investigations and administration.

Uniform Patrol


The uniform patrol division is the core of the department.   They are the first to respond to a scene.  The patrol division is made up of two daytime and two evening shifts. There is one split shift.  The officers shifts are 12 hours, they are from 5am to 5pm or 5pm to 5am.

 uniform patrol  uniform patrol
 uniform patrol  uniformpatrol
 uniform patrol  uniform patrol
 uniform patrol  uniform patrol
 uniform patrol  


The investigations division is responsible for the investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses which occur in the City of Summerville.

investigations  investigations


The administration clerks are responsible for the daily operations of the police department office. The clerks accept payments made for citations, answer telephone calls and assist the officers. They are responsible for preparing the court calendar and maintaining court records.

administration administration


Hannah Manscill   



Police Department
Stan Mosley, Chief
120 Cox Street
Summerville, GA  30747

phone iconPhone: 706-859-0912
fax icon Fax: 706-859-0920

email icon

 clock iconMonday - Friday
 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Emergencies/After Hours

phone iconPhone:  911



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