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Frequently Asked Questions

Building Inspection & Code Enforcement

Why are building inspections necessary?

Local codes require a permit be issued when work is to be performed on a structure. The inspections that follow the issuance of the permit may uncover unsatisfactory work, faulty materials or violations of the code that could result in unsafe and hazardous conditions for you, your family, your employees or the general public.

What are permits and why do I need one?
How and where do I get a permit?
When don't I need a permit?

City Hall

How do I apply for a business license?
How do I register to vote?
How do I obtain a marriage license?
How do I pay city taxes?

Fire and Emergency Services

Can I burn leaves trash, etc.. on my property?
How can I get a copy of a fire report?
Who do I call if I think I see a building hazard?
How do I schedule a fire safety talk with someone?

Parks and Recreation


Where do you pay citations / tickets?
What forms of payment do I need to pay a fine?
Where do I go for city court?
Who can I talk to about my court date or citation?
What is the number for probation?
What is the number for the animal shelter?
What is the phone number for juvenile services?
How do I obtain a background check?
How do I get reports for crashes that Georgia State Patrol worked?
Where do I get copies of incident and accident reports that occurred inside the City limits of Summerville?

Public Works and Utilities

Can the City cut a tree on my property?
I hired a contractor to cut a tree or trim my shrubs; will the City pick up the brush and limbs?
I saw a dead animal carcass in the Street, who should I call?
I have trimmed my shrubs and trees and have a large pile of limbs, where should I put them for the City to pick them up?
I have cleaned out my shop and have a pile of junk; will the City pick that up?
I just hit a pothole with my car why won’t the City repair these potholes?
My ditch is stopped up, who should I call?
Who do I call to report a down or missing street sign?
Why doesn’t the City clean up the Summerville Cemetery?

Water Pollution Contol

What does a Wastewater Treatment plant do?
Are Wastewater Treatment systems really necessary?
How can I be sure that the Wastewater Treatment facility is doing its job?
How many Wastewater Treatment facilities are operated by the City of Summerville and where are they located?
How do I schedule a tour of a Wastewater Treatment facility?
Who do I call if I have an odor complaint about a Wastewater Treatment facility near my home or business?

Water Treatment

Where does my water come from?
How is my water treated?
How would I know about a problem with the water supply?
How do I schedule a tour of a Water Treatment facility?

City Hall
Tony Carroll, City Manager
120 Georgia Avenue
Summerville, GA  30747

phone iconPhone: 706-859-0900
fax icon Fax: 706-859-0845

 clock iconMonday - Friday
 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.


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